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Commercial Truck Wraps

If you run a San Mateo business that utilizes vehicles to perform tasks for customers or make deliveries, then you may want to take advantage of the marketing opportunities that custom wraps and graphics offer. Custom truck wraps can be used to display your brand message, contact information as well as your business logo.

Custom vinyl truck wrapWhen you take branding and marketing on the road, you substantially increase your firm’s visibility to people on the streets, other travelers as well as those looking out the windows. A fleet of branded business trucks not only publicizes your brand on a constant basis but ideally builds brand recognition and assures existing and potential clients that you are running a serious and professional business.

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High Visibility Brand Marketing Tool

Branded work truck wrapIf your vehicle is not branded, you are just another car passing by and blending with all other vehicles on the road. Consistent marketing and visibility is key to retaining and attracting new customers and if you use the same route to and from work, you can reap the benefits of these elements through custom vinyl truck wraps. You will start to notice more calls, more clients approaching you and more and more individuals start recognizing your brand.

Well, that’s mostly because custom wraps not only provide wider visibility, but they ideally give you consistent branding. Most people travel the same route as you and if they see your branded truck every day, you gain recognition in your local market. If you usually come across a person carrying a sign on a daily basis, you certainly reach a point where you refer to them as the guy with a huge sign. The same is true when it comes to branded vehicles. Your wrap makes your truck highly recognizable and memorable to most people that it garners attention and reinforces your branding message every time you take your vehicle on the road.

Entirely Customized to Your Requirements

Custom Food Truck WrapEvery San Mateo, CA business is different and needs unique marketing message. You need your vehicle wrap to do a service for you and in order to achieve that, it must be attractive and professional, with elements that are big enough to be seen even at a distance. The wrap ideally needs to be in a layout that complements the shape of your business car. Well, not to fret as our designers are skilled enough to design the perfect graphics or wraps that will do the best job for your business.

We design, manufacture, and install:

Partial truck wraps, full truck wraps, vehicle magnets, custom truck stickers, decals, and graphics as well as perforated window film.

Different companies use different types of cars for work and we can design and manufacture wraps for any type of vehicle. You can also count on us to create a cohesive or complementary design and even modify it so that it fits all your vehicle models. This allows for brand consistency.

Protect your Truck Investment

Protective truck wrapVehicle wraps do more than just promoting your business. The durable film utilized to manufacture your wrap ideally serves as a protection layer to your car’s factory paint job, thus shielding it from road wear and weathering. Business vehicles are a significant, long-term investment for your company and so, it makes sense to take the available measures to help extend their lifespan and keep their value.

Proper installation is crucial to not only ascertain that your wrap is appealing but ideally provides the level of protection you expect. Our San Mateo team of professional designers and fabricators handle the whole process, providing an excellent product that we can all be proud to put our name on.

Complete Truck Wrap Fabricator

Branded Work Truck WrapCraft Signworks is here to assist you through the entire process, step by step, from initial consultation to installation and even maintenance and removal. Our team is fully trained and we have specialists that handle every phase. You can count on us when it comes to designing, manufacturing and install appealing, relevant and long lasting vehicle wraps that will also protect your vehicle.

If you have a damaged wrap, whether it was originally installed by us or not, you can also avail our services to help restore it to good shape.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

So, why don’t you allow us to increase your brand visibility, protect your investment and attract new prospects with a high quality and durable truck wrap? We are your local San Mateo sign company for attractive and cohesive truck wraps, graphics and other types of signage that improves and supports your brand visibility.

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